Nancy and the Dolphin in Key Largo

Nancy Smile

What does it take to make Nancy smile like this?

Maybe a swim with Dingy & LB!!

The pool

This is the ocean pool where it all happens.

The lift

The trainer and Nancy are lowered into the water on a huge lift.


This is Mary Lou who prepared Nancy for an hour before she was allowed to go in the pool. I was allowed to sit in on the session, it was quite informative.


There are buckets all over filed with fresh fish to feed the gang many times a day. I saw each dolphin getting fed one or more buckets an hour while I was there. I was getting a little hungry myself. There were seven dolphin in the pool with Nancy.


They were happy to see Nancy.


Go say Hi to Nancy, I hope they aren't hungry anymore.

Put your feet up

Just lie back and put your feet up Nancy, Uh Oh here they come!!


There she goes just like in the dolphin shows!


Wow, did it tickle Nance?


That was wonderful now go kiss Nancy on her hands.


They are so smart. I guess they have wet noses? Guess what, those are their mouths even though they are called bottle nose dolphin, they breath through their nose which is the blow hole on their back. They can stay under water for 8 minutes. All talking is through the blow hole, no noises come out of the mouth.


Blow Hole

Now you can see the blow hole.


Give Nancy a kiss on the lips.


Nancy wants more kisses.


He pushed Nancy over with this one!


The trainer told Nancy they don't usually swim through the hoop for her.


Nancy doesn't seem to have a problem getting them through, here trainer this is how you do it.


Ok Nancy we want to play some more.


Nancy spread your arms, they are both going to come over and you will grab their fins and go for a ride.



Nancy has 2 DP pulling her, 2 dolphin power!


Nancy performed almost every scene of a professional dolphin show, she is a super star!



The trainer told the dolphins to go shopping for Nancy. Each one dove to the bottom and brought back gifts for Nancy. We will have them forever, I hope the smell goes away...........


So that is what made Nancy smile and she has been smiling ever since!.